2022 A.Math Intensive Grade Accelerator Programme

A 16 Week Programme That's Specially Designed To Help Your Sec 4/5 Child Re-learn and Master Major Sec 3 Topics From Scratch, 

...so that they can Jump 2, 3, 4, or even 5 Grades to score an A1 / A2 / B3,

...even if they are still scoring C, D and below! (proof below )

Hi parents, 

My name is Pamelyn Low, 

Head Math Coach of The Classroom.

The A.Math Mid Year exams are just over, and my phone has been ringing off the hook.

You see, many parents are now stressing out because their child did really badly for the Mid Year Exams...

...and they don't know what to do. 

Some parents shared that their child scored Cs and Ds, while others are telling me that their child scored only 30 plus upon 100.

The worst I've heard is straight Fs... since start of sec 3!

Chances are, if you're reading this, you're probably feeling equally stressed, and you know that your child needs help but you're not sure what to do.

From experience, many students continue to do badly because they have forgotten how to do some sec 3 topics, or...

...they had problems with sec 3 topics all along and the issue was not solved.

Now thankfully, I discovered a way to help even the weakest A.Math student experience a jump in grades...

...and no, its not by doing more practice. 

I'm sure you've heard or seen students who practice countless exam papers but still fare poorly in exams.

To do well for O Level A.Math requires your child to have a Bird's Eye View (more on this later)...

And I aim to show your child how to develop this Bird's Eye View during my 16 week A.Math Intensive Grade Accelerator Programme (iGAP).

Now you may be skeptical, and you're wondering if it's really possible to jump multiple grades within a short period of time.

The truth is, after running this programme successfully over the last 5 years...

75% of my iGAP students scored at least a B3 within 16 weeks.

45% scored an A1/A2!
What's more shocking is that all of these students were scoring C6 and below,

...many were still failing their Sec 4 Mid Year Exams!

Now, you may be wondering how this is different from regular tuition classes?

Well, for one, we will NOT be doing prelim paper after prelim blindly.

In fact, I'll be showing you a detailed weekly breakdown in just a bit, so you can also follow your child's progress!

And here's what we will be doing.

#1. Focus on re-building fundamentals with your child. 

What this means is that, instead of just doing endless practice papers, time is spent productively by going through one to two topics per lesson

This will give your child an in-depth understanding of the chapter, building content mastery.

#2. Training Your Child to have a "Bird's eye view"...

Which will help them...

1. understand what types of questions may appear, 

2. spot these types of questions in the exam, 

3. and what to do when they see them.

Simply put, your child gains an unfair advantage by knowing WHEN to apply the concepts taught,

...and this one concept alone is the reason why C scorers and below jump by minimally 2 grades once they master it! 

“Tremedous Improvement In a Short Period of Time…” 

F9 to B3

I was initially struggling badly with A Math, constantly getting a F9 for every exam since Sec 3. I felt very lost and discouraged as I could not understand the concepts that were being taught

Lessons at The Classroom were very beneficial. 

I had a clearer understanding of the concepts after each lesson and it made me motivated to practise more questions. 

Ms Low taught me how to identify and approach different types of questions in each topic

I felt more confident after a few lessons as I could finally get started on solving questions on my own. After much effort and guidance, I improved from a F9 in MYE to C5 in Prelims… and B3 in O Levels! 

Bernice James  
iGAP Graduate
"My results changed from D7 to A2 in the O levels!"

I was lost in the world of A.Math. I was struggling to find the correct method for the questions as they were complicated. 

 I started disliking A.Math as I could not solve anything and found it very frustrating. I was failing my A.Math exams… 

 My tuition teacher (Ms Low) guided me to learn the proper methods and skills for the different types of question. 

My results changed from D7 to A2 in the O levels! 

Nexus Lee
iGAP Graduate

"the variety of questions allowed me to approach A.Math from different angles to achieve the correct answer"

Before joining The Classroom, I struggled to solve many A-math questions and generally disliked the subject. 

However, the lessons were very concise and enabled me to pick up various problem solving skills. 

Something else that I found extremely beneficial was the variety of questions given to us as practice. It allowed me to approach A-math questions from different angles to achieve the correct answer. 

As a result, I was able to jump from a C6 at prelims to an A2 at the O Level Examinations.

iGAP Graduate
Here's My Plan, So You Know Exactly What I'm Doing Weekly

(Makes it easier for you to track your child's progress too!)

So, if your child is aiming to score a Distinction, they will find our iGAP useful because our combination of subject content revision + techniques + special formulas will allow them to understand and apply each topic easily. 

In short, I will fully equip your child for their A.Math paper in the 16 weeks leading up to their exams.

Now, unfortunately, I need to caution you that this workshop is not for every student.

While the skills and strategies I will be sharing are the exact same ones that have helped my students top their class / cohort, it will not work if your child is not open to learning. 

But, if you understand your child, and you know for sure, that he is willing to re-learn and apply what is taught, that he is open to learning more effective A.Math techniques to help him with his upcoming O Level A.Math exam, I am inviting you to join me quick! 


Because of space and time constraints, I will only be taking in a final 10 more committed students who serious about learning these strategies, applying them and transforming their A.Math grades.

Once we hit 10, we close. 

More testimonials from my graduates...

“Every Topic Was Covered From Scratch…” 

F9 to A1

It only came to my realisation that I needed a severe change in attitude and environment when I received a devastating F9 grade for my AMaths during the sec 4 mid year exam. 

A friend thus introduced me to The Classroom. 

Seeing how he excelled in A.Maths, I decided to give it a try as well. 

Over the course of 3 months, each and every topic was covered from scratch with different techniques that made it easier to understand questions I found unsolveable in the past. 

It soon became clear to me, that this was a good decision made as I scored a C5 for my prelims (within 2 months) and finally an A1 for O Levels

Glenn Tang iGAP Graduate,
Compassvale Secondary School

“Very Engaging Style of Teaching & Useful Resources” 

F9 to A2

I was doing quite badly in A.Math, consistently getting F9 and never passing an A.Math exam before in my Upper Secondary life. 

 This obviously made me anxious and afraid as O Levels were drawing near and I was still failing up till my mid year exams. My mum searched online and read the testimonials and I decided to sign up. 

The style of teaching and pace of the lessons were very engaging and also the resources are very useful. The lessons were well paced and comfortable to be in, if there were any questions, I could always consult openly. 

In the end, I managed to get an A2 for my O Level A.Math. This could not have been possible without the help of Ms Low. Thank you! 

Keefe Yap iGAP Graduate
Maris Stella High School

Here's a Quick Recap Of What Your Child Will Be Getting...

  • 16 Weekly lessons that will cover Major Sec 3 and Sec 4 topics from scratch
  • Proprietary notes + worksheets I've designed to help even the weakest student succeed
  • Bonus 1: 24/7 Whatsapp support
    (you can ask me any question during the week)
  • Bonus 2: Before and After class one to one consult - specially for students who require even extra assistance.

Course Details
Start Date: 7th July 2022
Day: Thursday
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Venue: Onsite (Hougang) / Online
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